Saturday, September 29, 2007

It cannot last ...

Louisville, Kentucky

Such the life my brother and I lead.

One week I am conferencing and partying in Columbus OH.

The next week, he phones me while scraping off gravestones at night in a Pineville MO cemetery.

The next Saturday night, we are eating steaks with a sister and cousins at the Plains Tavern in Plains KS.

The next Saturday, he is texting me from a gathering of cousins in Boulder CO, and I am texting him back from a party for a thousand people at Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

Two weeks later, I will be a week in New York City.

It cannot last...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"That's just crazy!"

Louisville, Kentucky

Ben Cameron delivered the keynote speech to the Performing Arts Exchange today. The PAE is the Eastern/Southern booking conference, and Ben is arts program director for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Ben recounted the application received from a dance company seeking a grant to buy land on the internet's "Second Life" in order to construct a building in which to hold virtual performances. Second Life is an alternate, virtual universe in which $1.6 billion of real world money transactions occur daily.

At its Second Life facility, the dance company sells out its performances and has added performances in order to meet the demand for tickets.

All of us at our luncheon table said "That's just crazy!" -- at the same time we furiously took notes about this latest frontier.

In the culture wars for survival, organizations that wish to thrive must step up the pace and brainpower of their marketing and fundraising efforts.