Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seriously? Jackie Cherryhomes wants to be mayor?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jackie Cherryhomes, a former president of the Minneapolis City Council, has announced her candidacy for the mayor's office in the November 2013 city elections.

From a Star Tribune interview: "She said in an interview that she would no longer lobby in City Hall if elected, though she said she could continue to serve nonprofits and other clients on various types of work."

Really? In what warped universe does that make any sense?

Beyond that dubious promise of conflicted actions to come, one must wonder about her desire to keep businesses in the city and bring jobs downtown. As council president, she presided over the development of Block E on Hennepin Avenue, an ill-advised project that sits nearly as vacant today as it did before Minneapolis threw away $39 million to support its building.

Cherryhomes should quit the race now, while she is ahead.