Friday, June 15, 2007

Dance/USA, so far

Chicago, Illinois

The published business agenda of the Dance/USA Councils gets gaveled to order this morning, but two days of other real business already has happened.

A fair number of people came to Chicago on Wednesday in order to catch the six dance companies on Wednesday night at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Muntu, Oregon Ballet, Lubovitch, Limon, Complexions, and Hubbard Street). There was a pre-performance reception at the museum. A Joffrey director hosted a post-performance reception at his home downtown.

The Dance/USA board met all day Thursday, while non-board members wandered into town. The opening night reception happened from 5:30-7:30 on stage at the 1,500 seat Harris Theater next to Millennium Park.

The energy here is very high with a swirl of generational mix. It is striking how so many of us, so suddenly, look definitely older. There is a whole group of newer, younger people. Such a swirl of unfinished conversations...

Tonight's reception is at the Dance Center of Columbia College. Followed by a 90-minute showcase performance.

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