Sunday, October 21, 2007

New York news at the weekend

New York, New York

Last night's James Sewell Ballet performance was one for the books. From beginning to end, one could hear a pin drop in the audience, so rapt was the attention. To my eye and ear, it was the best performance so far, and it was a gift to be among the spectators. Schoenberg even sounded like real music to me.

The usual physical pains aside, everyone remains in good health and spirits.

We continue to wait for the NY Times to retract the reviewer's statement that Emily lip-synched her song in "Opera Moves." The waiting has hung like a cloud in everyone's mind.

B (formerly with Ballet Arts Minnesota) was down from Boston Ballet and taught company class before Friday night's show. We also have seen many former JSB dancers, plus many friends and colleagues of long-standing.

One of many benefits of performing at the Joyce Theater is the infrequent opportunity to work with an organization that has determined what it takes to do things right, and then secures the capital to make it happen. Unlike so many of the venues with which we deal, this one expects excellence of itself and its people in every department. It is simply refreshing to deal with folks who do not accept mediocrity as good enough.

Except for rains that finally visited us all day on Friday, the weather this week has been great -- with this weekend the most glorious of all!

Did you know that a modest asking price for a modest 650 sq. foot studio apartment anywhere in Manhattan is $425,000?

From Minnesota we have seen W, H, F, and G, and (via Dusseldorf) M and M. Members of dancers' families have come in from Minnesota and Maryland.

We have 7th and 8th performances today, and will be home tomorrow.

See you in St. Paul next weekend! (Bring friends.)

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