Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did Minnesota State Fair favor anti-gay folks?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to Minnesota Public Radio, both proponents and opponents of the 2012 marriage ballot amendment to the Minnesota Constitution – that would define marriage as between one man and one woman – missed the deadline to have booths at the Minnesota State Fair.

However, proponents for the amendment have a booth presence at the fair. I saw it on Underwood Avenue, when attending on Friday, Sept. 2.

According to MPR, the amendment's opponents were told in July that the Fair was sold out of concession space. A Fair spokesperson, Lara Hughes, told MPR that the proponents had submitted a registration request on Aug. 31 and that the Fair had found a location for them.

The Minnesota State Fair has some real explaining to do.

Is MPR's reporting on this matter complete and accurate?

Was concession space sold-out in July and, if so, was that fact communicated to both the proponents and opponents?

If both sides were told that space was not available, how did it happen that the proponents' late request was accomodated?

Republican legislators fervently invited a 15+month brawl when they voted to place this question before Minnesota's voters in November 2012. It appears that they will not be disappointed.