Saturday, July 5, 2008

Diversity in the ranks

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here is an article of interest from the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. – GP

Minorities say nonprofit boards not looking deep
enough among their numbers

By April McClellan-Copeland
June 22, 2008
The Plain Dealer

Randell McShepard, vice president of public affairs at RPM International, found himself in high demand last year as 22 nonprofit organizations asked him to serve on their board of directors.

McShepard has a high-profile position at his company and much experience serving on nonprofit boards, including the United Way of Greater Cleveland and Business Volunteers Unlimited, an organization that links businesses and nonprofits and trains nonprofit boards.

But McShepard, who is black, said the 22 invitations really underscore how nonprofits are not digging deep enough to tap into the wealth of talented minority professionals in the community.

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