Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Inspired by potential greatness

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Every now and then I encounter a performing spectacle of such depth of talent, passion, and excitement that I am slapped awake and reminded why I got involved with the arts.

Such was the case last September when I attended the
Performing Arts Exchange, a booking conference sponsored by the Southern Arts Federation, in Louisville. I encountered the Irish music group Celtic Crossroads; they occupied the exhibit booth next to mine.

They came to "own" the entire exhibit hall, especially after starting a round of showcase performances during most days and evenings of the conference and generating a huge amount of buzz.

Based in Galway, Ireland, the seven musicians of Celtic Crossroads play 22 instruments among them. Their musicianship dazzles and prompts one to think they should be called world class.

Their producer, Kevin Crosby, tells me that their U.S. tours in 2008-09 will have them performing all over the East Coast, in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Their
website will post the specific dates and locations. They also will showcase at the Arts Midwest booking conference in Kansas City, Sept. 17-20.

Whenever you have the chance, treat your heart to the youthful energy of this amazing team of engaging artists.

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Anonymous said...


We haven't been in touch for a while, we met when we were both on the Board of Mn Dance Alliance. Good to see that you are writing this blog! I am currently on board of CAAM Chinese Dance Theater and would love to connect about your experiences with the various dance companies you managed. I have always appreciated your insights! Bea Rothweiler brothweile@aol.com