Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Minneapolis, Minnesota

There is an election on Nov. 4th. It does not take much to get people talking about it.

An account executive for my cell phone service provider called today. She thought that I might not know that 53 text messages had been sent to my phone recently or how much I would be charged for them. I assured her that I knew where most all of the messages had originated and how much they would cost, and that I believed there would be no more of them.

"How can you be sure?" she asked. "We have a low-cost plan designed for such volume."

I thanked her for the expression of concern and told her the messages were from my Libertarian brother who disagrees with my Democratic affinities. "He hopes to convert me," I said. "It would not matter if I was a Republican; my thinking would still be misguided and wrong."

"Well!" she responded. "I am on the phone with people all day long and let me tell you–– No,
I really should not. I mean–– Well, let me just say this: There are an awful lot of people who tell me that they are not going to vote!"

"That's terrible!" I said. "We may not like the choices we have, but we do have a choice and we need to honor that."

She wasn't having any of it, and I suspect she may be one of those who has resolved not to vote. If so, that's most unfortunate.

I give my brother his due. While he may not like his choices, he does choose and he does vote. So should we all.

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