Thursday, September 25, 2008

Minnesota Twins: Metaphor for arts, life

Minneapolis, Minnesota

"[My team] is hoping to win instead of playing to win." – Orlando Cabrera, shortstop, Chicago White Sox

Yes! Yes! Yes! The Chicago White Sox can come back to Twins Territory any time!

On Tuesday this week, the Minnesota Twins stood 2-1/2 games behind Chicago in the American League Central Division standings. Tonight, after sweeping Chicago in three games at the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis, they hold first place – for the first time since Aug. 23 – by 1/2 game.

The Twins have served as a metaphor this year for working in the arts and living life: mix a wild and (pretty/)ugly inconsistency with teamwork balanced by experience and youthful energy, then power it with endless persistence to achieve success. In one of the best games ever, tonight's 7-6 Twins victory was as good an example as any.

After scoring one run in the first inning, the Twins gave up six demoralizing runs and earned two more in the fourth, then clawed another out of the sixth inning, two more in the eighth, and a final tie-breaker in the 10th. They did it with seven pitchers, 15 hits to Chicago's seven, and a stronger set of individual and collective batting averages.

Fans did their part to keep hope alive with nonstop waves of thunderous ovations. Few exited the dome able to hear or speak.

The season is not over. Starting tomorrow, the Twins face Kansas City in three games at the Dome while the Sox return to Chicago for three final games against Cleveland.

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